Vision & Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Allen Institute for Cell Science is to create dynamic and multi-scale visual models of cell organization, dynamics and activities that capture experimental observation, theory and prediction to understand and predict cellular behavior in its normal, regenerative, and pathological contexts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create new directions and opportunities in cell science through mission-oriented, large-scale, multi-disciplinary team science. We want to better explain and predict the behaviors of cells, whether healthy or diseased. Our first project will be to understand how the parts of the cells integrate to determine diverse cellular behaviors as revealed through a dynamic and animated virtual model of the cell.

Our Values

  • Pursue excellence each and every day; expect it from yourself and your colleagues.
  • Embrace commitment. Do your job better than it has been done before.
  • Stay focused and mindful of our goals. Work from your core strengths and center, with a clear understanding of the path ahead.
  • Value uniqueness, helping people be the best they can be at what they do best.
  • Be ambitious, persistent, and determined.
  • Stay humble and modest. Individuals and teams can do amazing things when they share the credit.
  • Champion open science. Open sharing creates a virtuous cycle of empowerment and accomplishment for both the scientific community and the Institute.

Our Culture

  • Be ambitious and dream big, but stay focused, doing only a few things but doing them exceptionally
  • Make a difference in your work, your life, and the world.
  • Great discoveries lurk everywhere; keep your eyes open.
  • Work hard but have fun and be a little quirky.
  • Success begins by choosing important problems, coming to fruition with great ideas and great execution.
  • You can make great discoveries without wearing a suit.