Global Impact

Global Impact

With the recent advances in genomics, microscopy and computation, the time is now for the Allen Institute for Cell Science. Our open platforms will allow us to share our work with the larger scientific community, propelling the field of cell science into a new era of discovery and understanding.

Our size and highly interdisciplinary approach, combined with agency-independent funding, allows us to address highly complex research problems that are not hypothesis-based and that require specialized, interdisciplinary teams.

While most individual researchers study a single cellular activity or assembly and only a small number of its molecular components, our efforts will seek to understand and share how the different assemblies work together as an integrated system to determine cellular behaviors.

Through the Institute’s activities, we will begin to understand how the normal and abnormal cell and its components are organized and how they generate cellular behavior. We will develop predictive models of cell behavior that will be useful for understanding disease and therapeutic strategies, and generate an image repository that will impact education and give direction to cell biology research.

All of the data, reagents, models and tools that we generate will be open to the community. Community input will also inform our assay and model development.