Staff Profiles

Costas Anastassiou, Ph.D.

Assistant Investigator

Costas Anastassiou leads the translational neuroscience program at the Allen Institute, focusing on understanding brain disorders such as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease and developing novel therapies for these disoders (e.g. via neuroprosthetic interventions). Concurrently, Anastassiou’ team contributes to multiple other Institute programs.

After completing his undergraduate studies in chemical engineering at ETH Zurich, Anastassiou conducted his Ph.D. in the department of bioengineering at Imperial College London on CNS biosensing methodologies. He then joined Caltech as a postdoctoral fellow where he studied the origin and functionality of extracellular electric fields in brain circuits. Anastassiou has received a number of awards such as the SNSF early and advanced postodoctoral awards, the EPSRC LSI postdoctoral fellowship and the SNSF Professorship award.

Selected Publications View on PUBMED

Theta Phase Segregation of Input-Specific Gamma Patterns in Entorhinal-Hippocampal Networks

September 24, 2014

Schomburg EW, Fernández-Ruiz A, Mizuseki K, Berényi A, Anastassiou CA, Koch C, Buzsáki G

A biophysically detailed model of neocortical local field potentials predicts the critical role of active membrane currents

July 24, 2013

Reimann MW, Anastassiou CA, Perin R, Hill SL, Markram H, Koch C

Origin of extracellular fields and currents: EEG, ECoG, LFP and spikes

Nature Reviews Neuroscience
May 2012

Buzsáki G, Anastassiou CA, Koch C

Ephaptic coupling of cortical neurons

Nature Neuroscience
February 2011

Anastassiou CA, Perin R, Markram H, Koch C

Transcranial electric stimulation entrains cortical neuronal populations in rats

Journal of Neuroscience
August 2010

Ozen S, Sirota A, Belluscio MA, Anastassiou CA, Stark E, Koch C, Buzsáki G