“The Allen Institute is an exceptional place to not only work on deeply compelling scientific problems, but to achieve real-world results and share them with everyone.”

-Christof Koch, Ph.D., President and Chief Scientific Officer

Our brains are what make us human. They give rise to our thoughts, actions, movements and desires, store our memories, and enable us to navigate our world every day. Yet despite decades of research—and impressive knowledge gathered about other aspects of the human body, including our entire genetic sequence—the brain remains largely a mystery.

The Allen Institute for Brain Science was established to answer some of the most pressing questions in neuroscience, grounded in an understanding of the brain and inspired by our quest to uncover the essence of what makes us human.

Our model for doing science is unlike most any other research institution. Using the original guiding principles—team science, big science and open science—and a unique program structure, the Allen Institute aims to accelerate research worldwide through public releases of new data, knowledge and tools.