Cell Shorts

Cell Shorts

The Allen Institute for Cell Science released its first public data on, the Allen Cell Explorer, in 2017. The website combines large-scale 3D imaging data, predictive models of cell organization, gene edited human stem cell lines and a growing suite of data analysis tools. The cell science community has used our cell lines and data to gain insight into healthy human cells, and diseases like heart and kidney disease.

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Cell Shorts | A new window into heart cells

January 30, 2019

See how Christopher Chen used the Allen Cell Collection to study the development of sarcomeres in heart muscle cells.


Cell Shorts | A common platform for human cell research

March 7, 2018

See how Bruce Conklin is using our gene-edited WTC cells to find therapies for life threatening genetic diseases.


Cell Shorts | Illuminating the kidney

July 26, 2017

See how researcher Beno Freeman and his colleagues at the University of Washington are using the Allen Institute for Cell Science’s publicly available human induced pluripotent stem cells to study kidney disease and regeneration.