Our History

Founded in 2003 by Paul G. Allen, the Allen Institute has expanded from its initial pursuit of understanding the brain to encompass an investigation of the inner workings of cells and the funding of transformative scientific ideas around the world.

September 2003 - Allen Institute for Brain Science founded

December 2004 - Allen Mouse Brain Atlas launched

July 2008 - Allen Mouse Spinal Cord Atlas launched

November 2008 - Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas launched

October 2009 - NIH Non-Human Primate Atlas launched

May 2010 - Allen Human Brain Atlas launched

October 2010 - BrainSpan Atlas of the Developing Human Brain Atlas launched

October 2011 - Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas launched

December 2014 - Allen Institute for Cell Science founded

May 2015 - Allen Cell Types Database launched

May 2015 - Ivy GAP launched

March 2016 - The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group founded

March 2016 - Aging, Dementia and TBI launched

June 2016 - Allen Brain Observatory launched