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Allen Cell Explorer

Allen Cell Explorer

We will generate an enormous amount of image and movie data that will be used to develop predictive statistical, mathematical, and computational models of the molecular assemblies that comprise the cell and their integration. These models will help reveal how the cell executes its functions and what goes wrong in disease.

While we know how to organize and present data like gene sequences, we do not yet have good models for how to organize, represent, and image the related data that requires a cellular context.

It is not realistic for someone to view all of the movies that we have acquired, even for one specific process or set of molecules, since the cellular organization will vary from observation to observation. Furthermore, we want to observe and report how the inter-relationships among the various molecular assemblies function in the cell, and therefore need to present them conjoined.

To do this we will develop an “Allen Cell Explorer” database that is derived from the likely positions of assemblies and activities, integrating all of the information that we are collecting. The output of the statistical and mathematical models will also be in the database.

This animated representation will be multi-scale, both spatially and temporally, providing a driving force for the field, informing us about what is known and unknown, and allowing us to visualize how all of the components interact as the cells go about their activities.