The cell is the fundamental unit of life. We use diverse technologies and approaches at a large scale in order to study complex cells as integrated systems and propel biomedical research forward.

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Allen Cell Explorer

The Allen Cell Explorer is the data portal for the Allen Institute for Cell Science, where you can explore our publicly available data, tools and models. The portal provides an unprecedented view into the organizational diversity of human stem cells by combining large-scale 3D imaging data, predictive models, observations of cells, detailed methods, and cell lines that can be purchased for use in labs around the world.

Cell Science News


MMBioS Cell Modeling Workshop 2018

March 7, 2018

This workshop will cover theory and practice for the design and simulation of cell models focused on diffusion-reaction systems such as neurotransmission, signaling cascades, and other forms of biochemical networks.


Allen Cell Methods: RNP transfection for gene editing hiPSCs

March 6, 2018

To ensure researchers have success working with our cell lines, our Maggie Fuqua demonstrates our RNP transfection protocol for gene editing hiPSCs.


Cell Stories: gene edited cells differentiate into cardiomyocytes

Get to know our cells. After differentiation of our gene edited human iPS cells into cardiomyocytes, they begin to beat spontaneously.