The human brain is the most complex piece of organized matter in the known universe. We use our singular approach to uncover its mysteries and share valuable resources with the global community of neuroscientists.


Brain Science News


Brain Waves: Engineering big science

February 24, 2017

See how engineers at the Allen Institute for Brain Science make our big science happen.


Seeing eye to eye with cell types in the retina

February 21, 2017

Allen Institute for Brain Science and Harvard University researchers surveyed 88 Cre driver lines in the retina, uncovering the locations of cells expressing specific genes in the retina, and showing where those cells project into the brain.


Summer Workshop on the Dynamic Brain 2017

August 19, 2017

This intensive two-week, interdisciplinary course aims to give advanced students in neuroscience, biology, physics, engineering and computer science a rapid introduction to the current state of understanding of the neurobiology of sensory processing.


BrainScope: Visualizing the human brain

January 31, 2017

A new open-source tool called BrainScope harnesses powerful data from the Allen Institute for Brain Science on both the adult and developing human brains as the basis for an interactive visualization tool.