The human brain is the most complex piece of organized matter in the known universe. We use our singular approach to uncover its mysteries and share valuable resources with the global community of neuroscientists.


Brain Science News


Extending our maps of the brain

January 20, 2017

Even well-charted territory in the brain can contain surprises. Researchers at the Allen Institute for Brain Science have recently published data in the journal eLife that raise interesting questions about how we draw borders between regions in the visual part of the brain.


Brain Science 2016 Year in Review

December 15, 2016

The past year has seen new products, major events and major scientific progress for the Allen Institute for Brain Science. Here are some highlights from 2016.



November 18, 2016

Meet the people, discover the culture #HereAtAllen.


Introducing Data Stories

November 10, 2016

Every year, thousands of researchers access our publicly available data resources to make important discoveries. Our new series Data Stories takes a closer look at how scientists around the world are using data and tools from the Allen Institute for Brain Science in their own research.