Open Science Resources

Serving the scientific community is at the center of our mission to accelerate progress toward understanding the brain. We use our unique approach to generate powerful online tools that enable scientists to investigate gene expression, connectivity, single cell morphology, electrophysiology data and more from both mouse and human brains. More than 50,000 scientists from around the world visit our freely available resources at every month, totaling over two million visitors to date.

We pride ourselves on our open science approach, publishing data online as soon as they pass our quality standards, and often before we publish on it ourselves. Our work has culminated in landmark papers in Nature and other high profile publications, but our first priority has always been to share the data with researchers around the world in order to benefit the entire field.

Online Public Resources

Each Allen Brain Atlas resource integrates data from thousands of experiments, yielding unprecedented 3D reference spaces for genetic and anatomic information about the human and mouse brains. Building off our earliest mouse and human brain atlases, we moved on to create further atlases that allow users to explore the developing mouse and human brains as well as the intricate neural connections in the mouse brain. Our most recent tool, the Allen Cell Types Database, gives users a robust way to investigate the brain’s cell types in multiple data modalities, as well as a comprehensive software package to analyze the data.

We also take on other significant projects related to the study and understanding of the brain. These projects include a variety of government-funded research programs and unique collaborations with other partner organizations and scientists who share our desire to fuel new discoveries in neuroscience through an open data model.

Our entire suite of online public resources—each a groundbreaking creation—is available through the Allen Brain Atlas data portal. The specific resources include:

Allen Mouse Brain Atlas
Allen Human Brain Atlas
Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas
Allen Cell Types Database
Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas
Allen Spinal Cord Atlas
BrainSpan Atlas of the Developing Human Brain
NIH Blueprint Non-Human Primate (NHP) Atlas
Ivy Glioblastoma Atlas Project
Sleep Study
Mouse Diversity Study

Research Tools

In addition to creating comprehensive datasets in the form of online public resources, we develop research tools for the scientific community. Currently, we offer cell-type-specific genetically engineered mice through The Jackson Laboratory for use by the scientific community.