Since we share the resources we create with everyone, our impact stretches far beyond the walls of the Institute.

Chinh Dang, Chief Technology Officer

Serving the scientific community is at the center of our mission to accelerate progress toward understanding the brain. The resources we create are all free and open to anyone around the world at In tracking usage, we know that virtually every major pharmaceutical company, biotech company and research lab around the world comes to consume and use the data we produce and publish. Creating tools and data that advance the pursuits of the many thousands of scientists around the world is our bold contribution to revolutionary neuroscience.

Online Public Resources

Over the last 10 years, we have created several Atlases of the mouse and human brains. Each Atlas integrates data from thousands of experiments, yielding unprecedented 3D reference spaces for genetic and anatomic information about the human and mouse brains. Building off our earliest mouse and human brain atlases, we moved on to create further Atlases that allow users to explore the developing mouse and human brains as well as the intricate neural connections in the mouse brain.

In addition to our comprehensive in-house Atlas initiatives, we take on other significant projects related to the study and understanding of the brain. These projects include a variety of government-funded research programs and unique collaborations with other partner organizations and scientists who share our desire to fuel new discoveries in neuroscience through an open data model.

Our entire suite of online public resources—each a groundbreaking creation—is available through the Allen Brain Atlas data portal. The specific resources include:

Research Tools

In addition to creating comprehensive datasets in the form of online public resources, we develop research tools for the scientific community. Currently, we offer cell-type-specific genetically-engineered mice, through The Jackson Laboratory, for use by the scientific community.