We are multidisciplinary in the truest sense of the word. We view the work we do as product generation, so we have teams working together toward the common goal of putting resources out there to make an impact on the field.

John Phillips, Ph.D., Executive Director of Structured Science

Building on the traditions of large-scale scientific endeavors begun in the twentieth century, such as the Hubble Telescope, the Large Hadron Collider and the Human Genome Project, we are driving big science into the 21st century. Our focus is on the brain and our purpose is clear: to drive brain research forward, accelerate progress and enable discoveries with real-world utility.

Our model for doing science is unlike most any other research institution. We combine the attitude of exploration with a purpose-driven, milestone-oriented approach. Our disciplined, deliberate style enables us to create and share meaningful data, knowledge and tools with the broader neuroscience community and with the world.

We are pioneering the very 21st century notion of open science. Our data and tools are all available to anyone—for free—through the Allen Brain Atlas data portal, and we aspire to continue this trend of open sharing in our research endeavors as well.

Both big science and open science rely on another of our core approaches: team science. We feel that working in collaborative teams of scientists and engineers from many different disciplines is the most effective way to achieve the greatest impact.

Based on our unique approach, the Allen Institute generates useful public resources used by researchers worldwide, drives technological and analytical advances, and makes discoveries that address the most fundamental questions in brain science, to the advantage of the scientific community and the world.