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The Allen Institute is dedicated to answering some of the biggest questions in bioscience and accelerating research worldwide. The Institute is a recognized leader in large-scale research with a commitment to an open science model within its research institutes, the Allen Institute for Brain Science, and the Allen Institute for Cell Science. In 2016, the Allen Institute expanded its reach toward the broader landscape of bioscience with the launch of The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group, which identifies pioneers with new ideas to expand the boundaries of knowledge and make the world better.

Across the Institute


The Quest to Unravel The Connectome

January 26, 2018

We’re working with a collaborative team on the IARPA MICrONS project to create the largest ever roadmap of connections in the mammalian brain.


New frontiers in aging research

January 26, 2018

Allen Distinguished Investigator Steve Horvath and his colleagues have made a surprising discovery about two seemingly distinct aging clocks.


Allen Institute 2017 Year in Review

January 18, 2018

Watch a video and read about top highlights from the Allen Institute in 2017.


Allen Cell Methods: Single cell passaging human iPS cells

January 11, 2018

Our Amanda Haupt highlights nuanced techniques and helpful tips while demonstrating single cell passaging with our human induced pluripotent stem cells.