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Allen Institute for Cell Science Directors

Meet the scientific directors at the Allen Institute for Cell Science. The directors will build out collaborative teams of researchers who will develop and incorporate diverse technologies and approaches at a large scale to study the cell as an integrated system.

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Allen Institute for Cell Science Announces Scientific Directors

Multi-disciplinary team will lead development of the Institute’s inaugural project


Sorting the brain's cells

Scientists at the Allen Institute for Brain Science are using gene expression information from single cells to help identify the different types of brain cells.


Automating single cell studies in the brain

Allen Institute researchers are making strides toward automating the process of studying single cells in living brain tissue.


2015 Year in Review

The Allen Institute for Cell Science had an exciting first year of assembling our team, moving into a brand new building and beginning our experimental program.  Here are some highlights from our inaugural year.


2015 Year in Review

It has been a busy year at the Allen Institute for Brain Science. Between new products, new global collaborations, scientific publications, news features and a brand new building, we have shared exciting science and made major strides toward understanding the brain and its components.