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The Allen Institute is dedicated to answering some of the biggest questions in bioscience and accelerating research worldwide. The Institute is a recognized leader in large-scale research with a commitment to an open science model within its research institutes, the Allen Institute for Brain Science, and the Allen Institute for Cell Science. In 2016, the Allen Institute expanded its reach toward the broader landscape of bioscience with the launch of The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group, which identifies pioneers with new ideas to expand the boundaries of knowledge and make the world better.

Across the Institute


Showcase Symposium 2016

December 13, 2016

Join us in the exploration of understanding the brain through innovative, team science approaches and our study of the human cell as an integrated system.


Announcing the Allen Cell Collection

November 30, 2016

The Allen Institute for Cell Science has released the Allen Cell Collection: the first publicly available collection of gene edited, fluorescently tagged human induced pluripotent stem cells that target key cellular structures with unprecedented clarity.



November 18, 2016

Meet the people, discover the culture #HereAtAllen.


Introducing Data Stories

November 10, 2016

Every year, thousands of researchers access our publicly available data resources to make important discoveries. Our new series Data Stories takes a closer look at how scientists around the world are using data and tools from the Allen Institute for Brain Science in their own research.